What makes us different?

  • Communication/Customer Service

This is what we prioritize.  We aim to establish long lasting relationships with our clients.  This means we treat you more like a friend than we do a customer. We care about your property, your family, and your schedule.  We understand you're the engine that drives our business, without you we'd have nothing. Therefore you will always come first, we will always prioritize your needs and treat you with the respect and appreciation you deserve.

  • Obsession to Detail

We are in this business because we love it.  We love meticulously grooming lawns.  We focus on our cutting patterns and the straightness of our lines.  We pick up that candy wrapper blowing through your lawn, the weed growing out of you flower bed, prune the dead branch hanging from your tree, and trim your hedges when they need a haircut.  We do this not because you ask, but because we offer the best service in our industry. 


  • Giving back - 10% to Charity

We believe our small business allows us an opportunity to make a difference and give back to those who aren't as fortunate.  We also want to give  back to the community we grew up in.  We pledge 10% of our customers monthly bill to a cause or charity of their choosing.


  • Professional Appearance

We want our appearance to reflect our work.  Which is why we always arrive to the job with matching, professional attire.